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Exam Stress, The only way is....Planning

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Planning your revision…  Let’s face it few of us like doing exams and few of us like preparing for them. But sadly by not putting in the prep we ar...

How much influence do TV programmes and cartoons have on the gift market?

How much influence do TV programmes and cartoons have on the gift market?
Advertisements not only entice us to buy things but are also really helpful for parents and family members as they give children ideas for gifts, especially around Christmas time. Now cartoons and TV shows are having the same effect all year round.

Is handwriting becoming a lost art?

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Is handwriting becoming a lost art?

It's National Stationery Week 2019 next week and among it is the debate of the value of handwriting. Here's our response - Is handwriting becoming a lost art?... #writing matters...“the process of handwriting is creating a mental picture of the world and that computer processing doesn’t create the same picture in the brain”...

The Easter Bunnies are coming...


By the 1900s Easter eggs were becoming more popular, and chocolate eggs were also being eaten. The Oster Hare had been replaced by the Easter Bunny, as a rabbit is seen as a symbol of new life, as are Easter Eggs and Easter chicks.  So it fits with the Easter story in church and that Spring is here and there’s new life and new beginnings.

Celebrating the cherry tree blossom in Japan

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Celebrating the cherry tree blossom

It’s the time of year when hundreds of thousands of Japanese flock to see the cherry blossom or ‘hanami’ when the cherry trees are so heavy with blossom they appear to be covered from head to toe, each tree seems to merge with the next to form a canopy of delicate fragrant blossom which looks as if its lit from within when the sun shines.

Shout out to all the Mums this Mothers Day

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Did you know Mothering Sunday was the day when apprentices and young women in service were given the day off to visit their families? It was a day when the family celebrated the relaxation from Lent by eating cake, always a good tradition in our eyes...   

Life would be less sparkly without Unicornos


 Life would be far less sparkly without a Unicorno

Unicorns have featured as mythical creatures in many different cultures for more than 3, 000 years; they stood for freedom, power and speed and supposedly had magical healing properties. Now they’ve become far more than folklore and have become part of our everyday and are popular with all ages.

LINE FRIENDS are on their way...Launch March 2019

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LINE FRIENDS are on their way to the UK with a beautiful collection of Stationery featuring the four characters of Brown, Cony, Sally and Choco. Created back in 2011 by a Korean tech company, the characters started life as stickers on a messaging app, rather like stickers on Facebook Messenger.

We will be selling notepads, super stationery sets, gel pens and a whole lot more. keep your eyes peeled for a launch date in March 2019.