The Easter Bunnies are coming…

With Easter just around the corner, we thought we would go back in time and find out how it all began…

So why do we associate Easter with an egg laying rabbit? Well strictly speaking it should be an egg laying hare as the 300 year old tradition goes back to the Oster Hare, an old German folk tale. But some say it goes further back than that to Saxon times and the legend of Eostre the goddess of spring and the dawn who was a bird but transformed into a hare.

The Oster Hare delivered coloured eggs to the houses of the children who had been good at Easter just in the same way that children who’ve been good get presents at Christmas.

By the 1900s Easter eggs were becoming more popular, and chocolate eggs were also being eaten. The Oster Hare had been replaced by the Easter Bunny, as a rabbit is seen as a symbol of new life, as are Easter Eggs and Easter chicks.  So it fits with the Easter story in church and that Spring is here and there’s new life and new beginnings.

 Historically the eggs were coloured as they were boiled or baked to preserve them until Easter, no fridges in those days, and adding some herbs to the water coloured the shells.

Today it’s still traditional to have boiled eggs on Easter Sunday for breakfast.

Here at Fox Paperworks we have our very own Easter Bunnys. Cony the white rabbit from our LINE FRIENDS collection and Molang and our own Easter Egg, Gudetama the lazy egg.

 Cony, is a loveable rabbit, who is full of life and vigour. Her best friend and husband Brown the bear is the love of her life and the only one who can calm her down after one of tantrums.

We have a number of Cony items in our online shop, she has such as a contagious smile we couldn’t help stocking them all to sell. 

 Molang is a very special pig rabbit who is squeezy and soft and gets up to all sorts of mischief with his friend Piu Piu the baby chick and they do everything together.  Molang was developed by a young Korean artist and has his own TV series that inspires millions of children and is transmitted worldwide.

Check out our Molang notebooks which would be great to use to create your own Molang and Piu Piu stories.

 Our Easter Egg, Gudetama, is known as the lazy egg. The name is based on the Japanese words for egg and someone with no energy, and poor old Gudetama really doesn’t have the inclination to do much at all. I bet you know that feeling sometimes, I certainly do! He’s a Japanese character and was the result of a competition looking for a food character and he now has more than 1.1m followers on Twitter.

So come over to our online shop and see what great Easter presents we have in store with our Easter Bunnies Cony, Molang and our lazy Easter Egg Gudetama.

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