Shout out to all the Mums

Mothers’ Day or Mothering Sunday… either way let’s hear it for all the mums

In the UK we celebrate Mothers’ Day or Mothering Sunday on the 4thSunday in Lent so this year Mothers’ Day is on 31stMarch. It’s never a fixed date because Easter varies every year. But in other parts of the world including the US and Canada they celebrate Mother’s Day in May. So, what are the origins?

 Historically in the UK Mothering Sunday was the day when apprentices and young women in service were given the day off to visit their families. It falls on Laetare Sunday a day of celebration and relaxation of the austerity of Lent, when people were allowed to eat cake – always a great tradition. But over time fewer people were given the day off so the celebration faded away.

Roll forward to World War II when many US soldiers came to the UK and brought their own celebration of Mother’s Day with them. Their tradition started just over 100 years ago to honour the woman who set up Mothers’ Day Work Clubs to address public health issues and grew from there. And it was a tradition that we happily adopted.

So now in the UK we celebrate a mix of Mothering Sunday and Mothers’ Day when cards and gifts are given to say ‘thank you for being my mum’.

And the lovely range of kawaii gifts and stationery we have at Fox Paperworks are a perfect way to say thank you to your mum. Our cute Kawaii characters always make people smile and what better present to give your mum when every time they use it they smile and say a silent thank you back to you?

Happy Mothers’ Day to all the mums, we know that at times it seems like hard work but a mum’s love is priceless and no one can ever make up for that.  

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