Life would be less sparkly without Unicorns

When people see our Unicorno plushies and stationery they always smile, they love the bright colours and the cute faces. The Unicorno keychains are one of our best sellers for the young and adult alike. Usually bought as a present, they’re so cute and soft that the buyer often comes back for one for themselves too.

So where did the love for all things Unicorn begin? Well, Unicorns have featured as mythical creatures in many different cultures for more than 3, 000 years; they stood for freedom, power and speed and supposedly had magical healing properties. Now they’ve become far more than folklore and have become part of our everyday and are popular with all ages.

These days unicorns are depicted as colourful creatures who even have glittery and colourful poo. Our grandparents probably thought of them as white. But as long ago as the 5thcentury a Greek historian described the unicorn as having blue eyes, a purple head and a coloured horn so really we’re back to days gone by.

Unicornos are part of the Tokidoki family and much loved kawaii characters. There are lots of different Unicornos, and legend has it that they were once little ponies who were out trotting one day and wandered into a magic waterfall. And as they passed through the waterfall, they were transformed into unicorns and they found a hidden magical kingdom. Now the Unicornos live between their magic kingdom and our world.

These cute little bundles of joy are now part of a massive collector scene and it makes us smile to see our customer photos of their favourite unicornos. They make great additions to any school bag or lunch box and you know they will keep your house keys super safe.  

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