How much influence do TV programmes and cartoons have on the gift market?

Unless you have been stuck down a rabbit hole or only watch BBC TV channels then you’ll have seen TV ads a plenty aimed at enticing you to buy something. Not to mention subconscious placement that goes on in tv programmes themselves. Que character eating crisps…

The ultimate product placement are the TV shows and cartoons actually based on the items that we like to buy, some would even argue which came first the cartoon or the merchandise? Whether its Hello Kitty on Amazon Prime or Molang on Tiny Pop TV or the cartoons of everyone’s favourite kawaii characters on You Tube including Pusheen, Line Friends, Mermicornos and the lazy egg Gudetama, they are all there.  All of which are having a noticeable effect on the stationery and gift market. It’s a multi million £ industry.

Broadcasters soon realised that they needed additional revenues to be able to make shows and merchandise seemed the obvious choice. So we’ve long been used to toys and gifts as a by-product of TV shows and films, whether it’s Thunderbirds, the Teletubbies, or the many Disney and Marvel characters but now things have shifted, and the characters are inspiring their own TV shows and You Tube cartoons. We were really pleased to read that Simone Legno, founder of the Tokidoki brand, is going to be co-producer for the newly commissioned Atomic Cartoons series of Mermicorno cartoons.

These cartoons and TV programmes bring the characters we love to life even more, they show us their personalities, introduce us to their friends, and allows us as the viewer to see the antics they get up to. Sometimes they might be dressed differently and sometimes they might use ‘a magic wand’ in a particular show. And what’s the outcome of that?

Well, we want the outfits that they wear for ourselves or our toys, we want their friends too, and of course the accessories. So before you know it there’s a whole range of things that we want to collect. Younger children play for hours with their friends and their character toys, trying on the costumes, and playing with accessories. Watching the cartoons and TV programmes stimulates ideas for play, recreating the adventures and making up their own stories. All great opportunities for the gift market. 

It’s not just children, we all love to collect things, Adults and children alike. And it’s often something that our friends and peers are collecting; it’s part of belonging, being in a ‘group’ or our ‘tribe’. Or it might even be us that starts the trend with something cute or fun and others want to own the same things. We talk about what we’ve recently seen or collected and what we’re going to get next.

This influence it appears has no boundaries. As people start collecting a particular character or range of characters  it’s not just the plushie toys and let’s face it, plushies are collected by all ages. But everyone also wants the pencil cases, the notes books, the pens, the school bags and the water bottles, the key rings… either as a keyring or to decorate a bag.

Evidence has shown that advertisements not only entice us to buy things but are also really helpful for parents and family members as they give children ideas for gifts, especially around Christmas time. And now cartoons and TV programmes are having the same effect all year round.

At Fox Paperworks we have a full range of stationery and gift ware for many of the kawaii characters; everyone simply falls in love with the range for their favourite character and discover new ones too. So why not go and have a look at our online shop for the perfect gift for you, your family and friends.

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