Handwriting is too important to ignore

Here at Fox Paperworks we love using our pens and note books. And our customers love them too … whenever they visit us at fairs, they open the note books, they stroke the tactile covers, they hold the pens and find the ones that feel right for them as well as their favourite character. The tweens and teens are attracted to them just as much as their parents and the young at heart.

But not everyone is as keen to use good old fashioned pen and paper. A recent article published in The Guardian points to evidence that children have difficulty in holding pens and pencils because they’ve spent so many hours using technology.  

My hand writing isn’t great and I’m not alone, as a nation our handwriting is declining. But writing plays a significant social role too, its’ how we learn to form words, to create a story, and understand which words work together… and crucially writing something down by hand has been proven to stick far more in our memory then capturing it in text on a machine.

The founder of Andrell Education’s Big Writing model says, “the process of handwriting is creating a mental picture of the world and that computer processing doesn’t create the same picture in the brain”. Of course we all learn in different ways, but the overwhelming proof is that using pen and paper is by far the most effective way of learning.

 In reality it’s a balance of using technology and pen and paper. Whichever method is used its important that children get good at it… the more time that’s spent thinking about creating the letters on paper or spent hitting the letters and keys on a machine the easier it will be.

But the first step is always going to be pen and paper, so what incentives can you give to young people to use them? Having pens that move smoothly across the page are easier and nicer to use; cheap pens rarely write as smoothly so it’s harder to write. And having a nice book to write in, with a cover and inner pages that are appealing and not just plain black lines. That’s what our note books and note pads are like… they are visually appealing and good quality paper, so they are easier to write in.  So why not help your children get more comfortable with writing and encourage them to enjoy it by giving them a nice pen and a note book to write in…

We have some great note books in a variety of our ranges so click here to see how Molang, Tokidoki and Line Friends can inspire writing and save it from becoming a lost art. 

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