Big Cheeks and Cute Smiles

Fox Paperworks as a business started in late 2018 yet as an idea it started many moons ago whilst travelling in Asia. Walking through the markets of Thailand, Malaysia and Singapore, we saw some of the funniest looking soft toys we ever did see. Odd faces with big cheeks and cute smiles. Today we know and love this style as Kawaii and itโ€™s great to see the western world embrace it.

For us it has always been about the stationery, although we do love to wear Hello Kitty loud and proud every now and again. There is something about stationery that we just can’t seem to get enough of. It’s the thrill of a new beginning when you start a new page, it’s the fresh smell of a new book or notepad when you turn the cover. The option for pens is endless of course, the number of colours, the array of gel pens, highlighters, fine lighters the list goes on. Add your favourite kawaii character and what’s not to love…just a warm fuzzy feeling in your heart and tummy.

We buy all our stationery from reputable wholesalers in the UK. There are so many fakes in the world of retail we feel it is important that some of the recognition goes back to the artist who’s hard work has taken years to perfect. All the characters on our site started with one intention, to make the world smile. And we think they achieve just that. The highlight of our journey so far has been meeting and chatting with artist Simone Legno creator of the brand Tokidoki.

Our own range “Blossom Fox”, has been designed for us by the very lovely Victoria Hall. Blossom is a fox who’s sense of adventure takes her to new heights and new places. She loves to travel, to breathe new life and to meet new characters. She is a well read fox and likes to keep abreast of what’s happening in the world. She jots down her thoughts regularly and is keen to live life to the full….coming soon.

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