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Kawaii Goodness!

Amazing bag and great prices from Fox Paperwork’s! Spoiled for choice and so pleased we get great Kawaii stuff here in the UK! Super happy

N Stewart

I have just received my gorgeous Pusheen colouring set and I have to say I'm very impressed with it. Its going to make the perfect Christmas gift! Packaged beautifully and delivered very quickly. The product is of very high quality too so great value for money. I would definitely recommend!

A Taylor

Gudetama pencil case. Excellent product, my daughter loves it and it is good quality. It's a decent size to fit lots of pens and pencils plus other stationery items. Ordering and paying was straightforward.

S Smith

This shop has so many amazing items and I love the Japanese character styles. It has stationery from so many different ranges. A personal favourite of mine is Pusheen.

I love how colourful everything is and I can buy lots of different things for my friends. 

I Morris

Molang Gel Pens, They are amazing!! They came in a really cute pouch with Molang and Piu Piu on. They are pretty pastel colours that look great on all my notes and work. The pens are good quality and don’t run our for ages.I love them! 😍

R Walton

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